• Halls of worker accommodation near mussafah Abu Dhabi
  • Playground in worker accommodation near mussafah Abu Dhabi
  • Supermarket in worker accommodation near mussafah Abu Dhabi
  • Bird eye view of worker accommodation near mussafah Abu Dhabi
  • Second bird eye view of worker accommodation near mussafah Abu Dhabi
At Al Salam Living City, we pride ourselves on building an integrated community committed to the betterment of the living conditions of our residents in worker accommodation near mussafah. We understand the science behind creating a harmonious environment in which residents feel valued and productive, and so we invest in the philosophy of happiness and productivity, and provide residents with holistic facilities and benefits that have a positive influence on their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health in this excellent worker accommodation in Abu Dhabi near mussafah.

  • Fully furnished rooms: Modern, spacious and fully furnished rooms for our residents
  • Shopping centre: A shopping centre that brings together all our residents’ needs
  • Entertainment centre: An entertainment centre full of variety
  • Sports amenities: Modern sports amenities for an optimised workout in worker accommodation near mussafah
  • Internet café: Computers with Wifi and games for a relaxing evening
  • Catering and food service: A fully functional spacious kitchen catering to our residents
  • Mosque: A place of worship at the heart of Al Salam Living City
  • Laundry facilities: Full on-site laundry facilities for all our residents at worker accommodation near mussafah
  • Medical centre: An extensive clinic and well trained staff for the well-being of our residents
  • Exchange centre: An exchange centre conveniently located in the centre of the city
Each of our 2,880 air-conditioned rooms is set within a community that provides a broad range of amenities including.

  • Fully furnished rooms
  • Shopping centre
  • Entertainment centre
  • Sports amenities
  • Internet café
  • Catering and food service
  • Mosque
  • Laundry facilities
  • Medical centre
  • Exchange centre